Anniversary Gifts – Wood Gifts For Your 5th Anniversary

Wood is the symbol associated with a fifth Anniversary. It symbolizes strength and stability for the relationship bond just as the physical property of wood is strong and long lasting. The gifts associated with this anniversary are meant to carry the qualities of wood. However, the most important part of a successful gift is that your partner likes the gift and not something that just you like.

The following are some anniversary gift ideas to consider when incorporating wood into your present:

1) Wind Chime. Many wind chimes are made of bamboo and often the earthy sounds of bamboo chimes bring back memories of a honeymoon in a tropical place. Also some metal wind chimes with wooden components are tuned to the notes of a wedding song such as the Woodstock Wedding Chime.

2) Wood Jewelry Box. Having it contain a personalized piece of jewelry is an added special touch. You don’t have to spend lots of money to come up with a meaning gift.

3) Wood Photo Frame. Again personalizing the frame by incorporating a favorite photo inside the frame adds a sentimental touch.

4) Wood Birdhouse. Birdhouses are something that can be enjoyed together for many years.

5) Wood iPhone case or iPod case or iPad case.

6) Wood crafted desk accessories. Many accessories such as a pencil/pen holder, wood encased desk clock, letter opener, or business card holder are crafted from exotic hardwoods and available with solid wood or intricate wood inlays.

7) Wood Sculptures.

8) Plant a tree.

9) Wood Chess/Checkers/Backgammon Set.

10) Wooden box. A special wood box made of an exotic wood can hold change or other keepsakes. A very romantic touch is to fill the box with little notes. Each note specifying a good time or memory or feelings shared together during the past five years. If you are not the romantic memory person you can always fill the box with a tickets to a show or sports event that you can share together and bring you closer together. Or you can go all out and fill the box with a detailed itinerary of a romantic getaway.

Thoughtful gifts take advance planning and preparation time but the end result will be greatly appreciated and not soon forgotten. It’s not how expensive or how large a gift is that is important but rather the loving thoughts behind the gift that really make it special.