How to Know His the One

In a world were there are a lot of pretense and impression management. How do you know his the one.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook she said ” I must do a lot of stroking because the pretense is too much” the picture shows a handsome guy with a perfect beard at the right but the left side of the face shows his beard was fixed not actually real.

When a young man is ready for marriage except fear nothing else holds you can walk up and propose but when a young girl is ready she can’t just propose all she does is to make known she’s available.

My mentor usually say ” love may bring people together but love does not keep people in marriage you need more than just love to stay in marriage “.

Natural affection alone can not stand the stress of marriage. It is not enough to just look at the physical attraction in a person and the end up with the person. There are principles for choosing a life partner. These principles are

• KNOWLEDGE: The only reason people choose wrongly in the choice of a life partner is because they lack knowledge, not having the right information. The society feeds us with the wrong information on marriage. Some people follow the tends of social media to choose a life partner and ends up walking out of the marriage. A friend of mine said, she won’t get married till she has ten million for the wedding. Although, there’s nothing wrong with getting ten million for marriage but having that kind of idea will get you either the wrong or the right partner.

• DIVINE GUIDANCE: We need guidance from God to know his the one. How can you get this guidance, simple! from the word of God. Study the word of God and what it talks about marriage. Pray about it and you will definitely receive your answer. •

• SEEK COUNSEL AND CONFIRMATION: Talk to your mentors, take him to your family, talk to people; You can’t know it all. You need someone to confirm what you have in your spirit, you might have received the word but you need confirmation.

• WHAT DOES HE PROVOKE IN YOU: Does he provoke your weakness, does he provoke your emotional needs, your physical needs or does he provoke PURPOSE in you. Does he make you want become a better you. Check what he provokes in you.

• HIS HE WILLING TO SHARE: His he self sacrificing, does he share his time, his joy and of cause is money with you.