Going the Distance (The Pros And Cons Of Long Distance Relationships)

Long distance dating online is a convenient way to keep in touch with one another. When you meet people online you find that you learn more about someone through reading their online profile and talking to them through chat rooms then you would meeting someone in a bar or on a blind date. When people are not intimidated by face to face interaction they have a free forum to express their deepest secrets and feelings with a perspective date.

Every experience is different, some people do very well with long distance relationships, however with long distance relationships there are quite a few barriers and set backs. One major setback is with distance comes anonymity which makes it very easy to be dishonest when they are miles away, Also it provides an indirect stage for scammers to get a hold of your proprietary information.

Being aware of when a potential long distance relationship is authentic is by being proactive in your dating practices. What this means is you must have a dating checklist that you are proactively using before settling on a long distance relationship, Step one ask personal questions that can be backed up in later conversations such as hobbies, past and present job history, favorite car, marriage history, Religious beliefs. You can ask anything that a physical property that you can find in pictures or on a web search (Not that we encourage cyber stalking.) Internet searching does have its purpose in determining the validity of a person.

Step two make notes of what you talk about on your personal phone, tablet, anything that can be locked and secured by a password. Use these as anchor references to make sure someone’s stories aren’t changing. Make sure that you are not ever giving out your specific information online, (address, home phone, SSN, or company name of your place of work.) this kind of information should be saved for the face to face meeting.

You should be working toward a face to face meeting at some point in the future. If the person you are taking to does not show interest in meeting you in person you should be re-evaluating the relationship and approaching future situations with caution. Therapy is a great environment for healing in a relationship but is not for everyone. If you decide to keep it private you must be completely honest and open with one another and be willing to forgive.

Love unconditional and when you decide to forgive someone you should forgive completely. There is no room for holding a grudge.

If you suspect that fraud is taking place you should abandon the conversation and notify the authorities to start a formal investigation. Never pursue a potential fraudulent case on your own.

Keep in mind that long distance relationships are an amazing way to connect with someone and not everyone online are crooks. Remain aware of all potential red flags, and keep proactively engaged in honest communication with your partner to ensure that your not being taken advantage of and led on by false promises.