How to Date in a Long Distance Relationship

Dating in a long distance relationship is undoubtedly hard. What can you possibly do together when you are separated by a thousand miles? To answer that question, I have suggested six dating activities in a long distance relationship. Check them out below!

Sharing your hobbies online – Even though you and your loved one are now separated by distance, you can still date by sharing your hobbies online. For example, if you like playing guitar, and your partner likes singing, hook up Skype together and have him or her sing along to your guitar. If you both like running, then you can organize a time to start running together (even though you are in separate locations), and then challenge, motivate, or talk to each other thorough the run using your phone. Be creative, and try to find a way to share your passions without needing your partner to be physically near you.

Share new places. Whenever you feel bored of dating your loved one through the same room at home, or you run out of things to talk about, consider taking each other to a new place. Go ahead and pack your phone or iPad into your bag, then drive to a place that you know would be interesting, and would also allow you to talk on the phone. For example, it could be a themed café, or a park with nice views. Once you have arrived, turn on your Skype, and show each other around the new place, and use that as a conversation topic.

The dinner and a movie date. Even though you are apart, you can still complete the classic dinner and a movie date. Organize your food, load up your video chat, and select a movie. Synchronize the movies then press play! To make things less mundane, you can arrange to have each other secretly order a mystery dinner for the other person, by calling up a local eatery in your respective cities and having the dinner delivered to their door. Once the mystery food arrives, you and your partner may be pleasantly surprised… or disgusted.

Pass time with a date jar. A date jar consists of paddle pop sticks in a jar, each with a mini activity written on them. To give examples, it could be playing a game of charades, or competing to the find the most stupid YouTube you can find in 5 minutes. When you are bored with your loved one, you can grab the date jar you created, and pull activities from the jar. You can then complete the activity, and keep pulling until you had enough fun. To spice things up a bit, you may want to put some ridiculous activities in there (such as having one person having to answer yes to every question asked for the next 5 minutes, which would be recorded on video). Try and find mini activities that you think would make you and your partner happy.

Play games together. You can play online casual games with your partner or through apps in your smart phone (eg. Words with Friends). You can also delve into MMORPG’s such as World of Warcraft, where you and your partner can create their own character, and hang out/complete quests together in a virtual space. Finally, you can also play non-pc related games with each other. Consider fun card games such as “Cards against humanity”, which will allow you to play with each other even though you are separated by a compute screen.

Get physically intimate over Skype. Not much I can say here, other than it is also a pretty fun way to pass time.

I hope these activities can inspire you to find your own dating activities within your long distance relationship. If you need more tips to beat the long distance, feel free to click here for more long distance relationship advice. All the best for your relationship!