Some Creative Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

So you are in love and are miles away from your partner. I know you may be in contact with your partner with the help of communication means like phone, emails, instant messaging or SMSes. However sometimes you may be tired of these ordinary means and you may want to spice up your long distance relationship. Don’t worry; here are some creative ideas for couples in a long distance relationship. Apply some now and you will thank me for such wonderful ideas.

Do you and your partner love watching movies and T.V. shows? You both may have enough time on the weekends. Call your partner and tell him/her to watch the same movie simultaneously with you. There may be many love scenes in the movie so don’t forget to connect video call on webcam with your partner. Both of you may need your hankies with you; some time for cleaning the lipstick marks from the screen of your computer and some time for soaking the sweat from your face.

Both of you may also watch the late night soap on T.V. in your bedroom simultaneously. Keep your cell phone with unlimited 3G connectivity with you for video calling your partner during the hot love scenes on the screen of your T.V. Don’t forget to fully charge the battery of your cell phone during the day time otherwise the same may mar your joy in between and you will be left with no option left but to sleep with your head in between your bent knees.

Sometime a situation may arise in the long distance relationship when you have nothing else to talk about. You may have run out of all the lovely words and may start arguing with each other on tiny things. This may be a very tough time in your relationship. In this situation I will suggest you to pick up a romantic novel and go through it. Also ask your partner to read the same novel and you will get many lovely instances in the novel to talk hours and hours.

Celebrating Valentine day, Rose day and Friendship day etc. are of vital importance in a long distance relationship also as these special days will spice up your relationship a lot. So do not forget to send gifts to your partner on these special days. There are many on line stores on the web those may deliver the bracelets, bouquet of rose or other gifts to your partner on the same day you confirm your order with them. To sweeten the memory of any of these special days you may include a beautiful pack of Chocolate having flavour of your partner’s choice. If you are short of the budget then also you may make your partner to feel special by just sending an e-card available free on the web.

Even in this era of advanced technology, a webcam may be your best tool to spice up your long distance relationship. The Internet connectivity of sufficient bandwidth is now much affordable all over the world. Both of you will have to sign up for a free account with Google Hang Out or with Skype. Just connect with your partner and do whatever he or she wants in front of your webcam, I guarantee that the word “long distance” will no more be there in your long distance relationship. Long distance relationsheep is an essential to save ourseves from the Covid-19 pandemic. So, I will suggest you to boost your immunity before you convert your long distance relationship into close intimacy.

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