What To Do When You Finally Reunite When In A Long Distance Relationship

When you are in a long distance relationship it is really hard as it is, so when it comes for that time where you will get reunited you can barely wait for that moment, however, sometimes when that moment finally arrives it is a bit of a shock and not all blue and pink like you both imagined it.

If your partner was away, and he/she finally comes back home, you will maybe feel like your environment and agenda changes. You realize that you will need to make adjustments but it is not an easy task. You really love this person so you may need to change your habits again when you are back together.

Now you are living under the same roof and sharing the same home sweet home again; and suddenly you realize he or she is a different person, so you wonder what to do? What happened? Who changed? Was it your partner? Or was it you?

Well, don’t panic! Here are two secret words you need to keep in mind at all times, TOLERANCE and COMMUNICATION; they are the clue for a successful reunion after maintaining a relationship from the distance.

Being together again is stressful enough and if you add drama to the situation, it turns into an unbearable condition. If you don’t like something, just express it, say it, never under any circumstances keep your mouth shut, but be careful in the way you say it. Like women say: “it is not what you said; it is the way that you said it”. Well, it is absolutely true.

Imagine that he or she is very happy to be back home again, with you, with the same known people in his/her favorite places; for you it may be old news but not for your partner. So try to do the things that the other person wants and try to enjoy it because remember the most important point here is that he/she is back home.

After some time, you can propose new activities and if your partner refuses, well it is the moment to express your position about how you feel with this situation. Try to do it in a way that the other person doesn’t feel attacked and with the less drama possible. Also don’t bring anything from the past like: I did this and that because you wanted to! But rather a: “Sure, let’s go there, next time I would like to visit this new place, or do this new thing”

If for some reason you are feeling mad or annoyed, then that is not the best moment to talk, wait until you will are calm and then you can talk about anything that you feel needs to be talked about. Very often, after thinking and analyzing the situation and canalizing the anger the problem looks easier and insignificant.

Do not repress your feelings, you have to share them but in a controlled state of mind; because instead of fixing the situation and releasing all the stress, you could turn the moment into a worst scenario. When we are mad, we can say awful and terrible things and it is very common to express repressed feelings that are not related with the new circumstances, so you can hurt the person who you love the most.

In conclusion, remember, if you want to have a healthy relationship follow this simple advice, because this is how to make a long distance relationship work: tolerance and communication.