Can You Actually Love Someone Consciously?

“I miss the broken hearts, the summers in the sun

They always say that love and youth are wasted on the young”

In the springtime of life, we are filled with expectations and hope. From the mother’s womb, we expect care from parents, affection from siblings and compassion from friends. As unripe fruits, we start searching love at all the wrong places among wrong people. Suddenly life strikes, we realize throughout we had been searching the undesirable! With every passing day, truth envelops and extends its arm to engulf all fantasies. After years of drama and frustration, people give up; many blame their luck for not finding their perfect match and some lose faith in love. But have you ever thought – Could you consciously love someone? Yes! I am talking about consciously making the decision with a person and finding the middle ground to endure a relationship.

What is Love?

Maximally, we love the idea of falling in love. We mistake love to be a feeling of passion or an illusion. However, it is a verb. Yes! It is the action to care and protect someone. Love is being sensitive and affectionate and loving intimacy. Love is all about prioritizing the importance of happiness. Happiness to be together and together to be happy. Foremost, any mature couple will try to make a conscious effort and give space to grow inside out and be happy about it. Secondly, accept what is offered. Never overburden yourself with the stress to make life perfect. Instead, accept as it is and then grow as individuals and a couple together. Lastly, create your own couple goals and become each other’s support system.

There are three things you can consider doing

  • Be responsible for your action: Own your action so that you can drive it the way you want it to be driven. This will give you a sense of ownership and pride.
  • Always love yourself enough: Being in a relationship never bounds you to disown your wishes or be disrespectful towards oneself. So always prioritize yourself. it will give you a sense of satisfaction.
  • Never keep a track of efforts or measure affection as a couple: Realize that it is no competition. So, don’t waste your energy on focusing on the wrong perspective. Instead, concentrate on making the bond stronger.

With grey hair, you will realize one thing for sure that if you are happy in a relationship you will put all efforts. So, don’t wait for love to ensue instead make efforts to grow. Always, keep yourself motivated to love and be loved.