Woman’s Erogenous Zones Are Like Fingerprints – 5 Tips

Let’s start with the foundation. “What do women have in common with fingerprints?” I’ll tell you: everyone has their own individual imprint. There are probably many similar fingerprints, but no copies! The same with sexuality and erogenous zones: every woman has her own individual preferences, fantasies and zones. What applies to one woman can be very different for the other. What one likes, the other finds terrible. You can see what I’m getting at: I can give you a lot for most women. In the end, your empathy is what men are always needed. Please don’t use everything blindly!

Let’s take a quick look at one of the key differences between male and female sexuality: If your sexual desire (as a man) were a vehicle, it would rather be everything, it would be a Ferrari. From zero to hundreds in a few seconds. It is for this reason that I have never heard of a man complaining when a woman starts sex at full throttle without any questions. We men can do it. We are reaching working temperature in no time. For women, however, the situation is quite different: women’s passion is more like a freight train. It drives off slowly and takes a long time to really start moving. But when the train is in motion, then there really is unstoppable power in it.

Woman’s Erogenous Zone # 1

Okay, you’ve waited long enough – let’s start with the first erogenous zone: the inner thighs! We cannot escape the inner parts of the thighs because: This is an almost unmistakable blow for almost every woman whose arousal you would like to increase. Women (and men) are very sensitive to internal thighs. And they are also close to the epicenter of female lust (exactly, I mean the vagina). So what you can do: Slide your hands or fingers slowly with knee height almost to the vagina and subject all their insides to thorough stroking. Women love to be fondled here. And the fact that you always reduce your movements to the center of pleasure, but never touch them there, it is very likely that it causes great tension and anticipation in her. By the way, the same principle can be implemented just as well with tongue and lips. Over and over from outside to inside, and then – right in front of the vagina – stop and start again outside.

Erogenous Zone # 2

Let’s take it a step further and get a little closer to the center of female lust. This is the area that – wrongly – receives too little attention from mostmen: The labia are incredibly erogenous. A woman not only has many nerve endings there. The clitoral feet also run along the inside of the labia. And there is one more labia advantage: you are very, very close to the place where you feel good. Means: if you are dealing with the labia, you are not only making your partner feel incredibly good, you also increase her expectation for more. Then she can literally feel what will happen when you move your fingers / tongue / penis outward parts. This is how you create sexual tension in her. Sexual tension is the cornerstone of nearly every woman’s desire. You can be incredibly stimulating to labia, licking it up and down. In addition, it is especially useful for foreplay, mentally moving up and down the labia with two fingers. By the way: I intentionally omit the vagina and clitoris as erogenous zones (simply because I would like to focus on a few other areas).

Zone #3:

Many males think too mechanically. You think too much about which pressure will be better, should you turn the nipples clockwise or counterclockwise, and when it’s the right time to finally get into sex. However, you will lose all your presence in making love. And this is exactly what makes playing with erogenous zones so special for women. When you are with your partner, her body and her zones are waiting for your full attention, lust and male presence. Feel the gentleness of her hair between your fingers, feel and enjoy her delicate skin around her neck. Enjoy the feeling of her breasts in your hands and enjoy her reaction to what you do to her. Be there! Be present! With your full consciousness. And let analytical thoughts go. This is what women are about, especially when having sex.

Erogenous Zone #4

Neck. I don’t think I’ve actually met a single woman who didn’t find the touch on her neck incredibly exciting. You can play your mouth optimally here. Gently kiss your partner’s neck and collarbone or over your shoulder blades. If you’re in a good mood, you can also go a little fool around. Sucking, down to a slight bite, is often highly desirable, when the level of pleasure has already increased. Alternatively, you can stroke your partner’s neck with your hands during an intense kiss, or let your fingers gently (or strongly) slide her neck. Attention: and here, of course, the famous, notorious neck massage. It is unlikely that your woman will say no. Neck massage doesn’t have to be sexy, but often happens like that. Because women love, first of all, sensitive touch to the neck (exceptions confirm the rule as always).

Erogenous Zone # 5

Inside the forearm, I’m talking about the part of the forearm where the skin is very thin, including the elbow. By the way: thin skin is almost always very susceptible to small kisses and slow stroking with your fingertips (up to thorough combing). And the inside of the forearm is mistakenly forgotten! Just give yourself and your goddess some time and gently stroke your fingertips for a while from wrists to elbows (or higher, if necessary) and back again. Maybe both of you will be surprised at how good it really feels.