God Knows Our Thoughts

Behind our home, Lost Creek flows year-round, and along the side of our lot, we have a deep ditch that provides drainage for half of our subdivision.

At the junction of these two, I have a bridge over the drainage ditch that is about ten feet high, followed by a wooden walkway along the bank of Lost Creek. The hill on the other side is wooded with no homes visible. A narrow clearing follows the creek on that side, where the county laid a sewer line to serve another subdivision.

As I walked along my property line, looking at the far bank that is too steep to climb, I thought about How nice it would be to have a swinging bridge to cross over at the corner of the ditch and the creek. A large tree with its roots deep into the bank could perhaps provide support for one end of the bridge. I consider the possibility a couple of times as I toured the back yard.

A few days later, we had several storms and high winds that brought down a few dead limbs. I carried several arm-loads of branches down to my fire pit along the walkway, and then noticed something strange near the bridge. When I walked over to check it out, surprise, the large tree that I consider for the swinging bridge support laid across the creek, perfectly level and squarely over Lost Creek. I have other trees in the past fall across the creek but were at an angle running along the creek with the top broken and landing in the creek. They are now rotten and lying just above the water.

God provided the perfect bridge that I dreamed of only a few days earlier. Now I started to daydream about how I make a safe walkway on top of the large tree as I started to repair two sections of the walkway that were tossed into the creek by the roots as the tree fell.

Every day I see how God protects me and shows me all the mini-miracles that a friend and I talk about. I could tell you about the many falls and close calls I’ve had caving and working in the yard. Looking back, I know that God has sent angels to protect me. I am so happy that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at a very young age.