Tips for Flowers at Beach Weddings

A beach wedding is something that many people dream of, as it is a beautiful place with wonderful weather, gorgeous scenery, and comforting sounds. However, having a wedding that features flowers in it can make going to the beach difficult. For this reason, you’ll need to carefully choose the flowers that you use for your beach wedding.

Let’s get into some of the tips given to brides for their upcoming weddings by a premier florist for Sunshine Coast events.

Consider the Climate in the Destination

This is one of the first things you will need to consider, as the climate at the beach is different from the climate in an area surrounded by forest. The beach is a beautiful destination for a wedding, but you need to know what to expect throughout the day when choosing flowers. If you’re getting married early when the sun is shining, choose flowers that can handle the harsh heat and light so that they don’t end up withered by the middle of your ceremony.

Don’t Go Against Nature

When the background of your wedding is beautiful, you want to enhance the scenery and work with what is around you. A creative florist will tell you that you don’t have to go overboard with flowers when you have a beautiful picturesque background to work with – you can make things simpler and lower the amount you spend while still shining light on the gorgeous world around you and your loved one during your wedding ceremony.

Don’t Settle for Beach Flowers

One thing every florist for Sunshine Coast events will tell you is that you don’t have to make your bouquet look like the beach just because you’re at the beach. Many brides want to incorporate seashells and starfish in their arrangements, but this can end up looking tacky if it is not done well. If you still want some of the beach element in your bouquet and flower arrangements, work with a creative florist that can make your flowers look accentuated by the beach elements instead of weighed down.

You Don’t Need Resort Package Flowers

If you’re going to a resort where things are all-inclusive, you don’t need to feel pressured to use any of the flowers in the packages they show you. You can still work with your personal florist when having your wedding on a beach or in a resort venue. You should also not be swayed by the titles of packages, which can make them sound more glamorous though they are simply a bit more expensive and don’t necessarily include flowers you actually want in your wedding.

The wedding flowers that you choose for a beach wedding can take some time to choose. You should work with a professional florist to avoid confusion and make sure that the flowers you decide on are durable and work well with your wedding plans. If you’re stuck on what you want to do, ask for guidance and get inspiration from other places, including the beach itself.